Maryview School Staff

Our Staff


Photo of Terri Lynn Mundorf

Mrs. Terri Lynn Mundorf


Administrative Assistants

Photo of Tammy Brown

Mrs. Tammy Brown

Administrative Assistant & Librarian

Photo of Chelsey Graham

Mrs. Chelsey Graham

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Natalie Surridge

Mrs. Natalie Surridge


Photo of Karen Wilson

Mrs. Karen Wilson

Family School Enhancement Counsellor


Photo of Tammy Davis

Ms. Tammy Davis

Grade 5

placeholder image for Jenna Dittrich

Mrs. Jenna Dittrich

Photo of Lisa Frank

Mrs. Lisa Frank

Grade 3

Photo of Rae-anne Gies

Ms. Rae-anne Gies


Photo of Melanie Homan

Mrs. Melanie Homan


Photo of Aarin Huseby

Mrs. Aarin Huseby

Grade 4

Photo of Courtney Jacobs

Mrs. Courtney Jacobs

Grade 1

Photo of Lordana Santos

Mrs. Lordana Santos


Photo of Rachelle Taylor

Mrs. Rachelle Taylor


placeholder image for Andrea Ulseth

Mrs. Andrea Ulseth

Photo of Kevin Williamson

Mr. Kevin Williamson

Phys. Ed & LIFT

Support Staff

Photo of Julie Anne Caparas

Mrs. Julie Anne Caparas

Support Staff

Photo of Marlena Franson

Mrs. Marlena Franson

Support Staff

Photo of Ila Gayowski

Mrs. Ila Gayowski

Support Staff

Photo of Susan Haggas

Mrs. Susan Haggas

Photo of Crystal Hounsome

Mrs. Crystal Hounsome

Support Staff

Photo of Shannon Krick

Mrs. Shannon Krick

Support Staff

Photo of Carly Leibel

Mrs. Carly Leibel

Support Staff

Photo of Tracey Ozga

Mrs. Tracey Ozga

Support Staff

Custodial Staff