Parking, Dropping-off and Picking-up

Please do not park in the areas marked Bus Loading Zone or Bus Parking, you will be ticketed. Thank You 

Speed limit in  our parking lot is 10 km or less. Please slow down and watch for all pedestrians.

Parents and guests may park on 39th Street or on McIntosh Avenue (except in the bus loading zones). Please do not block private driveways.

In addition, we have limited parking space on the east side of our school building.  Parking at the Kinsmen arena is also an option, have your child walk across the school yard and meet you there.

Please know that we would like to provide as much Visitor parking to our families as possible, however, we also require parking for our staff. We ask that you please respect the Staff Parking Area and understand that some staff come later than others, due to their responsibilities and please not to park in their assigned space. 

We greatly appreciate that everyone likes to gather and visit, one or our endearing qualities here at Maryview! However, with 250+ students many of whom get dropped off in the east parking area, parking for a long period of time can affect another parent attempting to drop off their children.  

. Please be advised that we inform our students not to walk into the parking lot alone and to wait for their parent to come and pick them up. The parking lot is very busy. Therefore we expect parents to meet the child(ren) at our door and then walk them to your vehicle. 

Thank you for keeping our school a safe environment for our children!