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Mrs. Rachelle Taylor

Photo of Rachelle Taylor


My name is Rachelle Taylor and I am one of the Pre-Kindergarten teachers this year.  I have been with Red Deer Catholic since 2004.  I began teaching in middle school but the smallest children stole my heart.

I am a graduate of Red Deer Catholic.  I went to high school at the school my children attend.  My journey to teaching was a convoluted one.  Teaching is actually my second career.  My first was very far removed from teaching the little ones.  I proudly served our country in the Canadian Armed Forces for 14 years, in the combat arms.  I knew I was called to teaching as even in the military I naturally fell into the role of teacher within the regiment.  I do feel it was God’s plan for me to journey as I did.  I gained many insights along way that aid me in the work I do with children.  I obtained my Bachelor of Educations from the University of Alberta.

I’m blessed to be married for 26 years. My husband Paul is a pilot, and God entrusted us with 2 beautiful children. Our daughter Abigail is in Grade 9, our son Ethan is in Grade 6, they both attend École Camille J. Lerouge.  We have a dog Winston, a fish Archimedes, and 2 budgies Loki (is lavender), Hermes (is green, blue, and yellow).