Lunch Time

Regular Lunch Routines

Students have 20 minutes to eat lunch in their homeroom classrooms with supervision provided. Parents can help this process by making lunches that are quick to eat by pre-cutting and peeling all food. Please send utensils (fork, spoon) with your child as the school does not supply these. Please note: Maryview School is not able to heat your child's lunch.

School Council provides a healthy hot lunch program for the students. All lunches must be ordered through the website Healthy Hunger, Healthy Hunger  You will be required to create an account and then all lunches will be ordered and paid for on this website.  Healthy Hunger

(Please check the calendar on this website for hot lunches dates) They can also be found on the Healthy Hunger website.


Milk Program

Students can exchange tickets for white or chocolate milk at lunch break. Parents please use the Rycor online payment system to pay for milk tickets as students are encouraged not to bring cash to school. Please remind your child to pick their tickets up at the office once you have paid online. Tickets are in bundles of 10 for $$10.00 We suggest sending 1 ticket each day in their lunch to prevent loss.