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The Giving Tree

Our Giving Tree will be up in the school November 5.

There will be colorful paper mittens decorating our tree. The mittens will either include a monetary donation or gift item. If clothing or toys, please purchase that item. For example, the tag will read boy, age 9, socks. Purchase socks for a 9 year old boy. Bring monetary donations to the office.  Please include the mitten with all donations and items. Please wrap all items. If you are unable to purchase the item on the paper mitten your child brought home, please return it to the tree. The spirit of giving infuses the holiday season, encouraging good-hearted people to share with those less fortunate than themselves. It is a valuable lesson to teach children of all ages. Thank you in advance for your servant leadership this holiday season.


Bring all Giving Tree items to the office by Thursday, December 6.

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